I have done custom made PowerPoint and PhotoStory presentations for various groups.  The PowerPoint presentations can be burned on a CD and the PhotoStory presentations can be burned onto a DVD to view on a television.  CD and DVD labels and covers can also be included.  

Presentations are priced according to difficulty and length. If you are interested in having a presentation produced for you group, contact me, being sure to put "Designs by Nancy" in the subject line of your email.

Below are examples of PowerPoint presentations and PhotoStories that I have done in the past along with some of their labels and covers.

CD Label

Using HP Tatoo Labels

Jewlel Case Cover

View the PowerPoint Presentation by clicking on the picture. (If you cannot view this presentation get PowerPoint Viewer here!)

DVD Label

HP Lightscribe Technology

DVD Cover
Launch in external player
Class Reunion

Launch in external player
Memorial Service